Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Girl Talk: This is the Remix / U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday: Copyright infringement or non-infringing fair use?

My students last assignment of the year is to write a brief either on behalf of the plaintiff or the defendant Gregg Gillis (who performs as Girl Talk) in support of cross motions for summary judgment in a fictional lawsuit brought by the owner of the copyright in U2's song "Sunday Bloody Sunday" against Gillis and Illlegal Art for copyright infringement. The basis of the lawsuit is the three minutes and fifty seven seconds of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" sampled by Girl Talk in the song "This is the Remix," which is one cut on Girl Talk's album All Day (available for free download from Illegal Art's website). 

The fictional complaint in the lawsuit is available here. Below, for your listening pleasure, are (1) "This is the Remix" and (2) "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

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